Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rihana & Hip Hop Fashion

  Rihana debuted the new single on Ryan Seacrest radio show. The song is expected to be the first single from her new album thats coming out this fall.
"We Found Love"
Hip Hop Fashion
The Hip Hop Fashion changes extremely every decade. From very "Baggy" clothes to the skinny jeans some males wear today. From the Zebra pants to now when they wear purple any color skinny jeans. Here are some types of old & new fashion that we had in or life time.

The girls fashion is a bit different they don't the "baggy jeans" but they wear the same skinny jeans as some males do.But the girl pair it with a cute shirt/haltertop or even a nice tight tank top. They also wear the leather jackets and the ripped jeans. Some Hip Hop celebs lick Nicki Minaj has her own creative style she wears bright colors and very unique pieces of clothing. She can wear from bubble wrap dresses to the most uncomfortable looking hats. But she just loves dressing different. Some people even confuse her with the Pop singer Lady Gaga who originally started the creative dressing.

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